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Friday, October 2, 2009

October Theme

October is upon us so break out the plaid overcoats grandma and rake those leaves in a pile cause im gonna jump in 'em.

Just leave your ideas in the comments/uneducated opinions zone. Zone, thats a neat word.

Oh and don't give us the usual rigamarole you chowder heads. you know what I'm talking about... Halloween. Hmmm, I think we can do better. Or at least more creative? Ok that's settled...


  1. let's do that thing where you trace your hand and it looks like a turkey

  2. hahahaha ok, I can't think of anything now, thanks justin. You have my vote.

  3. How about(?):
    or Dino-Roughriders.

    Or Dino Roughriders with Magnatronis-plasma-blasters...?

  4. Ok, now that I've stopped crapping myself, I have a slight suggestiong. Yes, suggestiong...
    How about Riga-Tony!!! :D like tony in pasta form!!!

  5. So what is the theme here guys? I'll go along with Justin's last one there.