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Thursday, August 13, 2009

There will be content.

This month's theme is "the mimes of Moria". Interpret it however you'd like. We don't have a system nailed down for how we're going to picking these themes, but leave your ideas in the comment field. Don't be too vague, but it keep it creative.

Towards the end of each month there will be a poll to decide the month's theme. When a theme is picked, there will be a post announcing the theme of the month. The comment field of that post will be dedicated to suggestions and discussion for the following month's theme.

Since a lot of you didn't get much time on this one, the current poll will run until the 5th, so you'll have almost an extra week to submit your drawings.


  1. You'll either have to complete the trial of champions or e-mail muscleman.armytank@gmail.com requesting to join.

  2. if I join, can I have a free hat? ...and will this be less gay than the other sketch blogs out there on the market?

  3. This blog will be the DEFINITION of less gay.

  4. Oh yeah?

    I'm going to go ahead and suggest "crossdressers" as next month's theme. I'll throw up a poll once there's some other suggestions and close it on the witching hour of the 5th.

  5. I wanna see something that incorporates unicycles... or old timey boxing... or a combination of the two... no?

  6. Um, is it too late to suggest more? Pied-pipers of the alternate demension, or Moonbase vagabonds or Space traveling salesmen.

  7. Yeah, I add those, but whoever has already voted will need to re-vote.